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Up in Chi--Hints of orange, grapefruit and sage, with a touch of lavender, white oakmoss, amber and tonka. Sensual and intimate with a unisex appeal.

Fig me Happy--Citrus zest, with green leaves and fresh figs flirting around cedar, moss, and patchouli. A little

earthy, a little clean, a little sweet, and very sophisticated.


Space Dream’n---White bergamot, orange blossom, verbena and neroli. A rare and sexy silhouette of androgyny.


Golden Spice Woody Nice--Warm amber, damp cedar, vanilla and eucalyptus. Like a fresh cut tree from the forest. Oh so fresh baby, yeah!


Hot Sass Citrus--Bold and sassy oranges tossed with fresh hot chili peppers. Raise your tribe with our energizer-synergizer!


Crackle Me Pap’rika--Cracked pink peppercorns, fresh green leaves, clove, and smoked peppers, blended with sandalwood and vetiver for a fresh, spicy, earthy woody blend.

Mandarin Musk Be Good—A sultry fusion of mandarin, jasmine, and rich amber with undertones of sandalwood and musk. Complex, intriguing, and wildly sensual!

Lavender buds ’n Sage hugs—Emerge in a field of lavender dreams elegantly dancing around fresh sage, while floating gracefully around crisp juniper water.

Pumpk'n Pie Satisfy (SEASONAL)--Bursting with fresh pumpkins, mouthwatering notes of brown sugar, molasses, cinnamon, ginger, nutmeg, and allspice. So intoxicating you’re going to want to try and eat this.

Holly Jolly (SEASONAL)--A Yuletide concoction of juniper, fir, balsam, spruce, eucalyptus, pine, warm green apples, and cinnamon...a blend that warms the heart.


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